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updated 4/25/2015

pre-riding checklist

  1. Inspect important areas before mounting up:
    • Tires . proper inflation, no cuts or embedded objectsNuts, fasteners
      . all in place and tightFluid levels: oil, hydraulics, coolant, and batteryCable linkages operating freely
    • Chain lubricated, correct tension set, sprocket wear checked

  2. Check with your riding position by checking the rider's mirror ahead of you. If you cannot see their face in their mirror you are too close.

  3. Arrive at the designated meeting place at least 15 minutes before the ride is scheduled to depart. Rides will begin 15 minutes after the designated departure time.

  4. Make sure that you are rested enough and are in good health. Fatigued or sick riders may pose a hazard to the group.

  5. Fill your gas tank.

  6. Ask the Road Captain any questions about the day's ride and route and inform him/her of any special needs.

  7. Five or more minutes before the ride begins, the Road Captain will inform the riders to get ready to leave. Be prepared to leave when given the signal.

  8. If your gas tank is smaller than the other bikes in your group, let the Road Captain know how many miles you can go before needing to gas up.

  9. Each group needs to have at least following equipment:
    • Tire repair tools, tire pump, patches, and tubes.
    • In addition to keeping on course, a GPS system is invaluable in pinpointing a breakdown or accident location.
    • Pager
    • First Aid kit Extra water, particularly during the hotter times of the year
    • Fastening devices such as bungee cords, duct tape, bailing wire, zip ties, and/or extra fasteners and washers.

  10. If you are new to group riding or are uncomfortable riding in a group, please let the Road Captain know.


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